[Rebuild] Progress update + looking ahead

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Thu May 31 16:28:31 BST 2012

No significant progress to update you with right now, although Matt made a small commit yesterday. He's still alive!

I have some other details of plans looking ahead a little bit. This is based on some conversations, but I may have misunderstood, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Once all the tests are passing (either by making them pass or dropping them because we decide they're not correct) we'll have a big bunch of working code which takes input OSM data including editing history and outputs a set of "actions" to put the data in a clean state. There is a bit of coding work to do to turn this into an actual bot which will read from the API, constructs changesets of these actions, and uploads them to the API. Matt was optimistic that this will come together quite easily. Deciding on the actions is very much the difficult bit (nearly done)

The bot will need to systematically work through various areas around the globe. A few people have asked to be informed when their area is being processed. We'll do this by making sure the bot spits out a fairly detailed log, which we can then summarise to report on the bot's progress as it is run, including information on which regions have been processed and which are up next.

Of course this is getting ahead of ourselves because the bot doesn't exist yet, and also the bot will *definitely* be very cautiously unleashed, first on a test API deployment with Berlin test data loaded, and eventually on the live database in one-off runs followed by a period of careful checking (Ireland is up first for this)

Looking ahead to when the bot run is complete. Remember first of all that the data license doesn't actually change until we make a declaration to that effect.

Diffs will move to another location. For those consumers who have chosen to continue consuming diffs during the redaction period, even if you have done this completely, you should regard your data as tainted still. You should purge your databases and re-initialise from a fresh planet import at this point.

We plan to do this with the main OpenStreetMap tile server. The coastline situation is looking good now, so hopefully we can generate a clean shapefile for that. The main tile server will probably then pursue its normal tile expirey strategy for a time but perhaps later we will explicitly purge tiles generated from pre-changeover data.

There's quite a few areas of the plan which need fleshing out (or probably correcting), and areas where some preparation work could help. This mailing list is a good place to discuss. 

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