[Routing] request for feedback: Traveling-Salesman 0.4 released

Marcus Wolschon - Wolschon Softwaredesign Marcus at Wolschon.biz
Thu Nov 1 22:50:13 GMT 2007

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I just released version 0.4 of my navigation-program
and and would like to get some feedback on it.
Currently it can route on osm-files (very fast),
download areas from osm and route on a mysql-database
(slow but acceptable).


I am working on getting a better map-drawing done.
Currently it tries to download the tiles (fast and good)
and if that fails it displays the map from the database
(can be very slow).

GPS-support is via gpsd or local gpx-file. Support
for nmea-gps-devices on a serial-port (without gpsd)
and for nmea-logs will follow.

On the database-side I am limited in that a single
query cannot return the nodes AND the ways so I have
to fetch both independently but both queries do the
bounding-box -check on the nodes-table.

Does anyone have a good idea how to to sensible
searches, like "Elmstreet 23, London" and display
results in a similar way (instead of getting every
elmstreet on the planet and listing them as "elmstreet").
Also ways that are broken up because of bridges or
having 2 separate lanes are of cause listed twice.
Is there already a proposal for a relation to group them?


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