[Routing] Using actuall collected travel-times as a metric

Marcus Wolschon Marcus at Wolschon.biz
Thu Nov 8 20:08:01 GMT 2007

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Dear fellow routers,

I just finished a new plugin-type for TravelingSalesman, the
IRoutingMetric. Thus I can exchange metrics at will.
I am about to implement a very interesting metric
that shall take into account actual collected travel-times
to calculate the metrics for given routing-steps.

My questions to you are:

* Is anyone else interested in this?
  We may share the data-pool.

* Where would one store such information?
  I can provide my own web-service and
  database-dumps to do this but we may also
  store it in the map.

* What would be need to store here?
  I was thinking about:
  #number of samples
  #average time

  and these 2 for all combination of the following cases:
  * date and time
  ** each hour between weekday19-20 and 6-7
  ** weekend (not taking hollidays into account at all)
  * type of car the user has chosen
  ** car slow
  ** car fast
  ** car average
  ** bicycle
  ** ...
  * metric the user wanted to optimize the route for
  ** fastest (they would probably be faster drivers
              for their type of car)
  ** shortest
  ** most fuel-efficient
     (completely different style of driving at traffic-lights,
      motorways, ...)
  ** other

You would ask the web-service or database for
 [List<Node>, dateTime, type or car, metric]
and if no data for this combination is avaliable, data from
the same segment for other combindations is returned.
If nothing is known for that segment, the averages for this
type of segment are returned.

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