[Routing] Routing web-services?

Nic Roets nroets at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 20:03:26 GMT 2007

I'm to make a cgi-bin version of gosmore that does this. So if we can agree
on an interface now, it will hopefully not be too long before gosmore
catches up.

My preference is to keep the query URL so simple that I don't have to learn
a new library and the output can then be GPX or even CSV. gosmore will work
quite well as a cgi-bin because it's only call at start up is mmap().

My original goal was to download the generated route to legacy GPSs like my
Etrex (Yellow), which does not display any maps. But there are
many opportunities for post-processing like output in human readable (html)
format and of course your (OJW's) concept.

Here are some things that can be included in the interface :

The inputs :
 1. Source latitude in degrees
 2. Source longitude in degrees
 3. Destination latitude in degrees
 4. Destination longitude in degrees
5. A string to indicate the type of vehicle 'car', 'bicycle' or 'foot'
6. Y for fastest route, N for shortest
7. Y to output way names, N to output way IDs

The output can be comma separated values sent to standard out for each
node in the final route e.g.
1. Latitude in degrees,
2. Longitude in degrees,
3. Name or ID of way (see input 7) When IDs are used the caller must use his
own database to look up the properties of the way.
4. Bearing to travel
5. Length of leg

Note that 4 and 5 are actually redundant.
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