[Routing] Rails routing patch

Jon Bright jon at siliconcircus.com
Tue Nov 20 17:05:53 GMT 2007


The attached work-in-progress patch, when applied in the 
sites/rails_port directory of an SVN checkout, should result in working 
routing within the main rails site, based on a route_info table.  The 
attached (equally work-in-progress) tarball contains a small Java app 
for generating the route_info table.

What it does do:

  - Uses David Earl's Namefinder to find ways
  - Finds a shortest car route between those ways using A*
  - Spits that route out

What it doesn't do:

  - Proper directions.  This seems like the easy part once efficient 
routing is done.
  - Work very quickly.  It's fine for short routes, very slow for longer 
  - Map overlays, anything pretty like that.  Again, I'd like to get the 
core routing sorted first.
  - Bike routes, etc.  Easy to do once the core of the thing's worked out.
  - Fastest routes.  Trivial modification once the core etc...

I'd planned to clean the code up more before posting, but the strains on 
my free time are not becoming less.

I'm now reading about highway hierarchies as an alternative to A*, since 
A* is not sufficiently performant for long routes, even with this 
(reasonably) optimised implementation.

You can try it out at http://ensued.net:3000/route/plan - please be 
gentle, the server's not going to deal well with lots of simultaneous 
route planning.

Jon Bright
Silicon Circus Ltd.
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