[Routing] A-Star meet-in-the-middle

Jon Bright jon at siliconcircus.com
Wed Nov 21 07:49:46 GMT 2007

Hi Nic,

Nic Roets wrote:
> I see Jon when for all out great circle distances which is
> computationally intensive and theoretically more accurate, but
> practically much less important than penalizing right turns.

jrouteosm (which does the precalculation) uses great circle distances. 
So does the current version of the ruby code.  I tried using plain 
cartesian distances in the ruby code - this made no visible speed 
difference.  You could doubtless speed up the precalculation by having 
jrouteosm use cartesian distances, but my concentration was on having 
the "live" phase be as fast as possible.


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