[Routing] preprocessing for turn-restrictions usins an osmosis-plugin

Marcus Wolschon Marcus at Wolschon.biz
Wed Feb 18 14:49:44 GMT 2009


I am planning to add a new plugin-task to osmosis
that turns nodes with turn-restrictions into
an equivalent graph of oneway-roads.
This may enable routing-engines that cannot deal with
restrictions or cost on graph-nodes to deal with

I just think it may be usefull to others as well. ;)

 how do you think I may do this using ormosis
Can a task read from an entity-stream and write
to a DataSet that is also needs to read from and
remove entities from?
(Stream all nodes and ways to the DataSet,
 then process the incomming relations and change
 ways already written to the DataSet. This includes
 ways that may have been in there before osmosis started.)



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