[Routing] OpenLayers, KML: how to display route?

Lambertus osm at na1400.info
Sun Feb 22 12:53:10 GMT 2009

Marcus Wolschon wrote:
> Lambertus schrieb:
>> A webbrowser does not allow you to do cross site AJAX calls. You will 
>> need to setup a local proxy on your webserver who relais the 
>> yournavigation.org queries.
> I found a way around this limitation a while ago.
> It works file to dynamically include a javascript from
> that remote site and have it set variables as a replacement
> for the ajax-calls.
Ok, I could provide such a javascript file if that makes it easier for 
other sites to use the YOURS API, but I don't clearly see what should be 
in there: a variable containing the base URL? And would that be enough, 
because I cannot pre-set every possible lat/lon in advance?

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