[OSM-Science] Paper: Street Network Models and Measures for Every U.S. City, County, Urbanized Area, Census Tract, and Zillow-Defined Neighborhood

Dennis d2ns at das-labor.org
Tue Mar 12 21:36:37 UTC 2019

Hey everyone,

in the future I would like to share papers, that use OpenStreetMap (that I am not involved in) more
often, if that's okay:

"This paper reports results from a research project that collected raw street network data from
OpenStreetMap using the Python-based OSMnx software for every U.S. city and town, county, urbanized
area, census tract, and Zillow-defined neighborhood. It constructed nonplanar directed multigraphs
for each and analyzed their structural and morphological characteristics."

If you find something specifically interesting about some of them, please share!

Have a nice day,

PS: Of course I would like to see more of those from you, too ;)
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