[OSM-Science] Paper: Insights from Self-Organizing Maps for Predicting Accessibility Demand for Healthcare Infrastructure

Dennis d2ns at das-labor.org
Tue Mar 19 09:01:18 UTC 2019

"OpenStreetMap (OSM) was used to determine the spatial layout of pedestrian infrastructure and road
networks. This formed the basis for the door-to-door routing algorithm that determined travel times
(see Section 2.6). OSM is a prominent example of volunteered geographic information, where users
contribute voluntarily to its open-source development. As such, some questions have arisen about its
accuracy in some parts of the world. In a global analysis of the ‘completeness’ of OpenStreetMap,
Barrington-Leigh & Millard-Ball [49] found that Canada has a fully mapped street network, so we
consider OSM to be reliably complete for the analyses we present here."


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