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Milo van der Linden milo at dogodigi.net
Thu Jan 20 22:28:16 GMT 2011

Another sorry here, I too wish I could have made it.

I hereby state that I want to formally join. Mikel, I assume you will serve
as chair?

I also strongly suggest other working groups to also publish a clear chair
on the working group webpage as stated during earlier conversations, it is
good to know who to talk to if you need a statement of whatever kind from
one of the working groups.

2011/1/20 Mikel Maron <mikel_maron at yahoo.com>

> Agreed, this is a good time to solidify how we work. And sorry for my
> absence today, just plain blankness of mind, no excuse.
> > Suggestions for discussion:
> >
> > a) Formalize membership, provide guidelines for attendance
> > expectations and for notice when attendance is not possible.  Perhaps
> > two unexcused absences should lead to removal from SWG membership?
> Thoughts:
> - we need current informal members to state they want to be formal members.
> - joining the group has criteria of foundation membership? anything else?
> is there an optimal size? honestly, i think we can keep this simple as
> possible, and just use best judgement
> - we'll need a secretary role to record absences and excuses.
> - that removal policy keeps it simple. we should also allow people back if
> they recommit
> > b) Provide guidelines for how many and which members should be in
> > attendance for a meeting.  Must the chair be in attendance?  Must a
> > board member be in attendance?  How many members / what percentage of
> > the membership?
> So far from the Board, Henk and myself have been involved. I do think
> someone from the Board should be in attendance.
> > c) What policy should we adopt regarding deliverables?  It should
> > recognize that SWG want to be reliable to OSMF, other WGs and
> > ultimately the OSM community, but it should also recognize that SWG
> > members are volunteers.  Do deliverables have deadlines?  How do we
> > back each other up and continue to serve the community when "Real Life
> > Stuff" gets in the way for one member or another?
> Deliverables have had deadlines so far. If deadlines aren't met, it happens
> with volunteers,
> the group needs to quickly respond and reassign tasks if necessary.
> > d) What would make SWG more effective?
> Thanks for pushing this Richard.
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