[Tagging] bicycle=no

Cartinus cartinus at xs4all.nl
Fri Dec 4 05:05:15 GMT 2009

On Thursday 03 December 2009 16:58:43 Emilie Laffray wrote:
> 2009/12/3 Arlindo Pereira <nighto at nighto.net>
> > Ok, but backing to the first point. It is clear that in most, if not all
> > places bycicle=no means that you cannot ride, but you can push unmounted.
> > How about places that you cannot have a bike at all (such as inside of a
> > shopping mall for instance)?
> Are we starting to map the inside of shopping mall like Google now? It
> would be nice, but I don't think we reached the point where we have to
> worry about buildings.
> Emilie Laffray

Some people do:

You are not allowed to take your bike with you on steps and footways inside 
the station and the mall shown there.

But I don't know a sensible name for a tag for it right now.


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