[Tagging] More cycleway=* values needed

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at bioxray.dk
Sat Dec 5 16:35:05 GMT 2009


 From recent discussions on the talk-dk list, it seems that all  
mappers who have spoken out agree that the current scheme for tagging  
cycleways [0] is not adequate for conditions in Denmark.

The currently available values on the cycleway key are: lane and track  
(apart from the opposite* values, which are not relevant here.) From  
the description and images given in [0]:

   * lane is a bicycle route that is separated from the driveway with  
a painted line on the pavement.
   * track is a bicycle route that is separate from the road. On the  
picture, it is separated by a strip of grass.

In Denmark, especially in urban areas, cycleways are almost always  
constructed using curbstones. I've attached a small photo to show you  
what that looks like. Often, you find cars parked like seen on the  
picture. Until know, the consensus has been to tag these using  
"cycleway=track". However, it is the consensus of the danish mappers  
that we would like an option to specifically tag the curb-delimited  

We considered proposing:


which is short, but as someone pointed out, you don't actually ride  
the bike on the curb like you do the track or the lane. Alternatively  
we could use:


which is more accurate. A different approach altogether would be to  
use something like:

   cycleway=yes delimited:cycleway=curb

Here, "delimited" is qualified because the delimiter could refer to  
another part of the construction (e.g. the road itself or a footway).  
This form is more general, since delimited:cycleway=* could have other  
values like grass, fence, ditch, etc.

It would be useful with a bit of feedback from the international OSM  


[0] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Map_Features#Cycleway

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