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> Its also worth checking osmdoc to see what tags people are actually
> using. eg it has 59 uses of shop=charity (which seems rather low, I
> think I added about 5 of those), plus a few similar variations:
> http://osmdoc.com/en/tag/shop/charity
> shop=charity <http://osmdoc.com/en/tag/shop/charity%0Ashop=charity>probably should be added to the wiki.
> I've not heard of an "op shop" before - checking Wikipedia, its an
> Australia / New Zealand term, I think charity shop might be more
> international.
Yeah, but is the important aspect that it's charity based, or that it's
where you buy cheap junk (ie, "thrift store" in american parlance).

Also, didn't I read somewhere that it was okay to use terms that only have
local relevance? Are there any policy/guideline documents behind tagging
that I should read? As I've commented before, it makes no sense to me at all
that the choice of what tags to use has so many different sources: wiki,
tagwatch/osmdoc/..., potlatch/josm/merkaartor/..., mapnik/osmrender/...

Surely it's time to get a little more organised about this.

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