[Tagging] A first step towards bringing the wiki and tool support closer together

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 16:06:53 GMT 2009

After a few exciting hours learning XSLT 2.0, I've created this:


In summary, it provides a simple function: "Does Mapnik currently make
reference to <tag>=<value> in its oms.xml file?"  That is,
{{Mapnik-support|railway|tram}} returns "yes",
{{Mapnik-support|sport|cricket}} returns "no".

My intention is that calls to this template could be embedded in the various
{{Map Features:...}} templates, adding tool support to the information
documented about each tag.

The template was generated in one pass using XSLT 2.0 from an untreated
osm.xml (I had to create some required .inc files, though). I'm hoping that
by making it easy to generate, the information can be kept up to date on the
wiki with no effort.

What does everyone think?

Next steps:
* Refine the template a bit, possibly add more information about how the
tags are supported
* Look for other supported tags that don't show up in the osm.xml (like
name=*, was one) (anyone have ideas?)
* Repeat for other renderers, routers, editors
* Spread calls to the template throughout the {{Map Features:...}}

I've also created this list of tags, with the same XSLT transform:

PS Generated using Saxon HE
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