[Tagging] Tagging highway=cycleway without explicit knowledgeofthe law?

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Thu Dec 17 18:30:28 GMT 2009

Mike Harris wrote:
> Mike Harris
> Well, I'm always up for a challenge! But I'm talking about paths across
> fields with crops - ever tried biking through a maize (US: corn) field - or
> over a ploughed field - or through bracken - and after about 50 stiles even
> the keenest biker might get a little jaded - quite apart from the fact that
> the legality of biking might also be an issue ... There may well be a brave
> soul out there but I'm tagging for what 95% of people would do 95% of the
> time!
Sorry Mike, but you're being subjective again, based, it seems, on your 
personal physical abilities.
> Not keen on the smoothness= tag as some of the suggested values are a bit
> weird and highly subjective - tend to prefer surface= .. All a matter of
> taste!
> Take your point on upland hiking scales - I note that the German community
> is pretty efficient at this and I probably need to look harder at what is
> being done in this area - but wil it leave me time to get out there and walk
> / survey ? (:>)

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