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Mike Harris

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> Paul Johnson <baloo at ursamundi.org> writes:
> > Sam Vekemans wrote:
> >
> >> Where the only way i know to map it is to use a relation 
> and call it
> >> "route=greenway" and dont have it render on the cyclemap.  
>  Just map the
> >> sections as appropriate.
> >
> > Greenway is the US/Canadianism for "cycleway."
> I don't follow this.  I think that in the US a cycleway would 
> be called either a "bike path" or "rail trail", depending on origin.
> I would use "greenway" to describe a large linear park that 
> might contain a bike path and footpaths, as in
> http://www.rosekennedygreenway.org/
> Using greenway to describe a cycleway seems odd to me, 
> although I suspect that the term greenway does not have an 
> established meaning, and people think it means whatever the 
> local "Foo Greenway" is.

Mike Harris says ... Tentatively ...

I fear that 'Greenway' is one of those words where the English language is a
bit unhelpful. I certainly recognise the US/Canadian definition from my
sojourns there ... But equally I find that here in England it tends to mean
a linear way (rather than park), usually multiuser, usually not a public
right of way, usually created by a local authority to enhance local leisure
/ environmental facilities and usually in an urban or suburban area.

Maybe we should avoid the term ... And thus the considerable ambiguity?

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