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> Greg Troxel wrote:
> > I don't follow this.  I think that in the US a cycleway would be 
> > called either a "bike path" or "rail trail", depending on origin.
> You'd likely be wrong.  Willamette Greenway is a very long, 
> very popular bicycle arterial in Portland.  The only thing it 
> implies is non-motorized, vehicular traffic.
> > I would use "greenway" to describe a large linear park that might 
> > contain a bike path and footpaths, as in
> >
> > http://www.rosekennedygreenway.org/
> While greenways are often in linear parks, not all greenways 
> are in linear parks, and not all linear parks are greenways.
See my earlier contribution ... 'greenway' means something totally different
in N America and in Europe (at least UK) ... The linear park definition
tends to approximate to the N American but in the UK it tends to mean a
'way' that is usually multi-user, permissive (not an existing public right
of way), created in order to encourage off-road activity ... And suburban.

I have suggested that we do not use the 'greenway' tag as it is so ambiguous
and we are unlikely to agree on either definition. Greenways could be tagged
like any other way - especially as the tagging for footways, paths, tracks,
bridleways and cycleways is so clear and uncontroversial (OK guys ... Only
kidding on the last point).
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