[Tagging] Adding housnumber the lazy way.

Erik Johansson erjohan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 14:34:06 GMT 2009


I've slowly started using addr:housenumbers, I'm not really interested
in doing it according to the way the addr:* scheme work atm though..
Because of the amount of work to enter data in that scheme.

Here are the things that I believe is different from the addr:* scheme..

1. I use addr:housenumbers, just to get numbers on the map. Even
though I don't follow the spec.
2. I don't add streetname
3. my add:housenumbers are usually like this: "45-29" or "89d-110"
signifying that at this point their is a sign telling me that the
first number I will find on this side of the street is 45 or in the
second case 89d, and the last number on the other end of the street
will be 29 or 110.

Does anyone have any improvements to make this scheme better?

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