[Tagging] Should 'highway=incline[_steep]' be discouraged?

Roy Wallace waldo000000 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 22:27:01 GMT 2009

On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 3:01 AM, Matthias Julius <lists at julius-net.net> wrote:
> If you know the actual incline you can tag it with its value.  If you
> have to estimate it anyway then a hard definition on what is steep is
> not worth that much anymore.
> It is a subjective classification - not more and not less.  One could
> think it implies a "FIXME: check for actual value".

I have no problem with using a FIXME. But performing even a
"subjective classification" still requires criteria as to how to make
that classification. I.e. it is steep if ______. If you want to define
steep by saying, on the wiki, "incline=*_steep means the mapper
personally thought the incline was steep", go ahead - but IMHO that's
not a good definition.

>> What I mean to say is, unless you can think of a better way to tag
>> incline=* on nodes, we should encourage the use of incline=* for this
>> purpose (as opposed to some other tag like inclination=* or
>> steepness=*, or node_incline=* etc., which would just be silly).
> I would say all the incline tags should be moved to the ways.

As Anthony said, this isn't equivalent, unless it's moved to a new way
with infinitesimal length.

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