[Tagging] Estimated Housenumber interpolation

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Sun Nov 1 01:43:52 GMT 2009

I believe there are many uses for an extension of the address interpolation 
concept to data and surveys of less than 100% accuracy.

  - Survey of streets of new construction where the endpoints are known, but 
not all houses are yet present.
  - Survey of streets of new construction where the endpoints are not known, 
but a possible range can be estimated.
  - Use of US TIGER data to indicate all possible addresses on a block; 
useful for routing to the nearest block where no survey has been done.
   - Survey of established communities where house numbers are missing or 
damaged beyond recognition.   This is often coupled with irregular numbering 
in which it isn't known if a house lot size = 1 or lot size = 2 (takes one 
numbering slot or two).   Since a survey was done, the house could still be 
accurately Geo-located without the mapper knowing the actual number.

  The question is how to tag these.    I've seen something like
  addr:inclusion=actual    -> Exact survey; the traditional meaning of the 
Karlsruhe Numbering Schema
  addr:inclusion=estimate -> The address interpolation way may contain 
numbers that don't actually physically exist.   A survey has been performed, 
and Geo-location would be very close.
  addr:inclusion=potential  -> The complete range of all possible address 
numbers on a block, although there may not physically be enough room on the 
block for that range of house numbers.    From US TIGER for example. 
Geo-location would only be as near as one block.

There are more accurate English terms, but they are very verbose.

  Any other ideas.

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