[Tagging] Sourced from somewhere it shouldn't have been

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Mike Harris wrote:
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>May be wise to be careful here! I am deliberately cross-posting to 'talk'
>group given the potential importance of the issue.
>Why do you assume that Ordnance Survey 7th Series mapping is NOT out of
>As far as I know the Crown Copyright rule is 50 years.
>The 7th Series maps were published from 1952 to 1972 (with later
>My clock says it is 2009 now (;>)
>So if the source mapping happened to be one of the older ones (would need
>know which individual sheet and revision) it could well be out of copyright
>and legitimate.
>I thought that the problem was more that the nice people at OSM hadn't got
>round to doing the rectification etc. to make the older 7th series mapping
>readily available as an overlay like the NPE.
>Mike Harris

You can find npe and 7th series 1 inch mapping plus 1:25,000 (2.5 inch to
the mile) 1st series on the dev server at:


The default view is NPE, switch to the others using the layer selector. All
three layers are available as a backcloth in Potlatch. And with some fixing,
hopefully all in JOSM soon.

NPE sheets are all out of copyright as are all the uploaded 1:25k sheets. As
far as I am aware the 7th series sheets so far uploaded are only those that
are out of copyright (some in Scotland). The rest will only come on line
with their copyright expires. 

I'm happy to take questions related to the 1:25k 1st series maps but can't
answer questions on the others.

For more info on these series check out:




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>> Hi
>> I've a railway that has source as from 7th series maps, which
>> aren't out of copyright yet.
>> I think the user meant NPE (when was it introduced into OSM?)
>> I can remove the tag from the current way but how do I remove
>> from all the historic items?
>> I remember this problem being discussed recently but I'm
>> damned if I can find it.
>> Cheers
>> Dave F.
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