[Tagging] RFC: Feature Proposal - "Covered"

Randy rwtnospam-newsgp at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 6 06:38:49 GMT 2009

Randy wrote:

>Randy wrote:
>I have made a major modification in the proposal, to, among other things,
>remove association with buried and submerged items, except for items in,
>for example a trench which has a removable cover. This to denote that it
>is normally traversable, but accessible without, for example, excavation,
>and to account for such things as earth covered parking areas.
>The changes had not been updated when I last looked, however.

The anti-spam feature on added URLs was biting me, and I didn't notice. 
The changes are now on the proposal page, and it is in RFC state. Please 
review and comment. And, thanks for the comments received so far.

Please comment to tagging@ or on the proposal discussion page.
Randy (Turbodog)

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