[Tagging] How to tag un-named roundabout?

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Fri Nov 20 18:31:21 GMT 2009

Anthony <osm at inbox.org> writes:

> Thanks.  In this case I think recognizing that the way is part of a
> roundabout is probably sufficient.  A large portion of roundabouts
> don't have names, right?

I think that's true.  Really what the rules and lint tags are about is
expressing a rule that is true sufficiently often ('roads of
that aren't roundabouts have names') that it becomes rational to add a
lint:name=nocheck tag.

> But I've come across situations where the unnamed road is not a
> roundabout, though.  In one of these cases I used
> highway=unclassified, because it was just a dirt road that was really
> just a shared driveway (it was imported from TIGER because it used to
> be a real road).

here, the question is the road's legal status.  If it's a private or
public way going to houses, it would be highway=residential.  If it's
really a driveway legally now, highway=service service=driveway, or
highway=track if it's really atrocious.  MassGIS data has a lot of
driveways showing up as ways that got mapped to residential, and I've
been fixing them in my town.

> That stopped the maplint warning.  But in another
> case it was just a residential road that connected two other roads,
> which according to the county records doesn't have a name, so I think
> highway=residential is the right way to tag it.  I'd want to go out
> there and make sure there's no sign before adding lint:name=nocheck.
> But once I've done that it'd be nice to tag it so that no one else has
> go through the same work I've just done.

100% agreed.  Sort of related, there is a road in my town called "No
Name Road".  It didn't used to, but the legend is that the phone company
labeled it no name on a map and then it stuck.  There's now an official
sign and it's really the legal name: http://osm.org/go/ZfIcBcgLF-
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