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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Nov 21 21:01:06 GMT 2009


Anthony wrote:
>>> If you can outline a perimeter, you don't need a relation.

>> Care to elaborate?

> The elements which are within the perimeter can be calculated from the
> perimeter itself.  

We tend to explicitly tag whether something belongs to the site or not. 
You might, for example, have a bridge spanning the site or other kinds 
of "transit routes" that are not part of the site, but serve to travel 
through/across the site without entering it. A rule like the one you 
suggested would make that impossible.

> It's redundant to have the same information
> expressed twice, and doing so will only lead to conflicting data.

The relation would express whether something is logically part of the 
site; the geometry would express whether something covers the same 
ground as the site. This is not the same information.


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