[Tagging] Implied oneway tag for highway=*_link, wiki edits

Jonathan Bennett openstreetmap at jonno.cix.co.uk
Fri Nov 27 11:33:56 GMT 2009

Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> I don't think there are road types that are inherently one-way, besides
> roundabouts.
> This is a two-way motorway link, for example:
> http://maps.google.it/?ie=UTF8&ll=45.249774,9.044243&spn=0.002761,0.004914&t=k&z=18

It is indeed, but my guess is that it's an exception, and not the
normal. There's nothing to say you can't override an implied tag with an
explicit one, should the majority situation not apply.

Explicit tags on objects should always beat implied or inherited tags.

Jonathan (Jonobennett)

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