[Tagging] Implied oneway tag for highway=*_link, wiki edits

Richard Bullock rb357 at cantab.net
Sun Nov 29 13:37:22 GMT 2009

> Paul Johnson wrote:
>> Name one road type which is inherently one-way.
> Roundabouts, Motorway slip roads in the UK,  half of a dual carriageway,
> bus guideways...

Here's a 2-way motorway sliproad in the UK. It's not the only example


We even have 2-way single-carriageway sections of motorway mainline as well.

Roundabouts I agree with are oneway (actual roundabouts, not just any old 
circular road) - and roads like the Magic Roundabout in Swindon et. al. are 
not single roundabouts. 

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