[Tagging] [OSM-talk] connection between 2 islands

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 23:20:20 GMT 2009

2009/11/30 Cartinus <cartinus at xs4all.nl>

> On Monday 30 November 2009 22:09:10 Martin Fossdal Guttesen wrote:
> > I would agree that it is more like a Causeway jugding from the wikipedia
> > article and images, but i cant find any tag for that, and i dont think it
> > would render on the map
> so what? I'm sure it currently won't render in Mapnik, but that's not the
only feature that is not rendered. As soon as someone is caring for it, and
people use the tag, it will be rendered and used in the other applications.
If we would always map just features that are rendered, we would still have
10 mapfeatures instead of hundreds.

> There are only twelve occurrences of man_made=causeway in the database.
> there is no documentation for it and the tag isn't recognised by anything.

there is a proposal for it since March 2007, you can simply find it by
typing causeway in search.

> This however are not really compelling reasons against using the tag.
> +1

> I think it is more important that a causeway and an embankment are
> constructed
> in the same way and serve the same purpose, they only differ in their
> environment. If we'd be using another language than English for tagging,
> there would be a fair chance they are called by the same name.
> that's really no argument: look for a language that has no name for a
certain feature. IMHO it is a very important difference that the causeway is
frequently below water (tides). Hence it should be marked different. Also
you can find lots of embankments where there is no water involved, be it for
railway or streets, probably there is more embankments in our db for the
reason of keeping the track even than to keep it above water.

> So I would use embankment=yes.

depends. If it is covered by the tide, I'd use some kind of causeway (either
man_made=causeway or embankment=causeway as proposed in the link above).

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