[Tagging] Welcome proposed:key=value & modifying proposal pages

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 11:30:05 BST 2009

Hi list,
There are still have a few tags that need to be checked, and varified by the
community (for the Canada Import).  So i'll be watching out for discussions
on them.

I like that idea of putting a prefix of proposed:key=value, for those things
that you know will not render, but are in the status of proposed.
So then when a suitable substitute or alternate way to tag that feature, it
can automatically be done.

I would think that this list is used as the ping-pong ball court, where
ideas are tossed around, and as points get scored, the wiki gets updated.

I would HIGHLY recommend that points on eithor side of the table get listed,
so then in the discussion section of that proposal page those reasons 'why'
and 'why not' are clearly listed.

I would also recommend that these proposal pages do not get removed once its
decided on what todo with the idea.  Setting the status to 'accepted', and
then have a link to that wiki page which describes that tag, and it uses and
detailed description.   Which is derived from the proposal page.
This way, there is a link back.

Tagging wiki page format.

There really needs to be a set page layout for all stages of the process.
(ie. the box on the right) clearly listing its status, and uses
(rather than the current 'draft' page template, which shows a box on the top
left.)   Draft proposals should have the same layout as an in-use tag, as
well as a 'not used tag'   'cause the description tells the story (what ever
the story is)

So if the tag proposal page turned out to be a dud (knownone liked it) and
there is a suitable alternate, then that alternate should be clearly
listed.  and NOT show just a 're-direct' page.   This is because showing the
reader of the wiki page the reasons why the tag is not recommend, and
showing what tags ARE recommended, is just as important as showing those
wiki pages for the 'in-use' approved features.

Anyway, sure we can take the dictator approach... and someone can tell me
that i am WRONG and 'Shame on me for suggesting the above ideas'.  But that
serves no purpose.   (it just upsets me, because my suggestions haven't been
answered).   So it's better to take time and explain why it's 'wrong'.
Because as soon as i understand WHY ideas might be (needing more revision),
then i can go back to the list and try alternate ideas...

Then  when others read the explanations why ideas for tagging (or the
tagging proposal system) why it's good / not good, then they can make the
call for themselves, if they have other ideas that might solve the problem,
then they are a bit better informed as a result :)


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