[Tagging] Boundary relations vs. advanced multipolygons

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Thu Oct 8 01:50:06 BST 2009

Hi all,

As far as I can tell, boundary relations and advanced multipolygons do
the same thing.  Boundary relations are approved, and advanced
multipolygons are proposed?  Advanced multipolygons render, and
boundary relations don't?

I'm currently writing a script to convert shapefiles into osm format,
and I want it to handle true multipolygons, i.e. multiple outer rings
with a single set of tags.  I've got two choices: use a boundary
relation, with one outer ring role left blank, and the other outer
ring roles set as exclaves; or use a[n advanced] multipolygon
relation, with both outer rings set as role=outer.

My sample shp file is more complicated than that - there are some
polygons with multiple outer rings and multiple inner rings.  I'd like
to use a consistent method if possible, though, at least for any
polygons with more than one ring.

Is there any chance we can decide on one of these two relations, and
get rid of the other one?  In the mean time, which one should I use?


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