[Tagging] Housenumber interpolation with regularly skipped numbers

Randy Thomson rwtnospam-osm at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 10 22:10:59 BST 2009

I addressed this topic in the Karlsruhe discussion page, but didn't get
much constructive input. Maybe it's more of a US problem. Still I
thought I should bring it here, since tagging has been split off from
general Talk.

In Fort Worth, TX, (pop. approaching a million) in a large number of
the suburban areas, the city planners apparently decided to take into
consideration the possibility of having duplex housing (two residences
with a single common wall) in each plat or lot, even though the large
majority of housing is single family. They therefore allocated two
house numbers per lot.

Consequently, in single family dwelling areas, with even/odd numbering,
the numbering sequences go 00, 04, 08, 12, etc. for even (N/W), and and
01, 05, 08, 13, etc. for odd (S/E) house numbering.

I don't know of any way to handle this with the current interpolation
scheme. Considering the thousands of housenumbers involved, I need to
be able to use interpolation for numbering, but current agents would
render twice the number of house numbers as actually exist. I have a
suggested scheme of adding an interpolation subkey,
addr:interpolation:skip=*, where skip would be the number of house
numbers to skip in the sequence (all/even/odd). Using skip=1, with
interpolation=even/odd I can map these cases. I realize that this
creates a redundant tagging option (interpolation=all, skip=1 with odd
or even starting number) but I doubt that will be used since the
original is easier to tag, and I can't think of a better way to do this.

I'm fairly new to OSM, and this may not be the best way to pursue this
idea, so suggestions, either for process, or for a better solution, are


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