[Tagging] How to tag house numbers based on decametres?

SLXViper SLXViper at gmx.net
Sun Oct 11 09:28:10 BST 2009

John Smith wrote:
> I can't think of a good solution for this, a few years ago they
> renumbered all properties along roads outside of residential areas to
> be the distance in decametres (10s of metres, 100m would be #10 etc)
> from the start of the road, they also have even on the right, odd on
> the left, this makes it easier for emergency services to find places
> because its based on distance.
> I doubt there would be an easy was to interpolate this information for
> display, but it could be used to work out end points for routing, and
> all we need to know is which end of a way is the start, the rest can
> be worked out.

The universal solution for such special cases would be tagging single
addresses without interpolation. This would provide information
- what house numbers do actually exist? In this special case nearly
every value could be possible.
- where exactly is this house number? Since numbers are based on
distance this could also be calculated from the given number - but what
if want to know the house number of a given position?
The only disadvantage of this method would be a little bit more work "on
the ground" - but nothing photo mapping couldn't solve ;)

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