[Tagging] Housenumber interpolation with regularlyskippednumbers

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Wed Oct 14 20:59:13 BST 2009

Thanks for creating a comprehensive sample map.    For the case of mapping 
this type of multi-tenant building, I would be comfortable with either of 
the middle case tagging formats as being both easy to create, maintain, and 
useful for navigation.

>The ways just north and south of the right side
> of the street are also done with the same.  I left out the block of
> addresses assigned to the four buildings I mapped, but this leaves a
> problem.  When those reserved addresses get used, geocoders are going
> to have no clue of even their approximate location.  I suppose I could
> include *another* interpolation, overlapping the other one, to handle
> that case, but this would likely be confusing.

 Extending the Karlsruhe Schema concept again, the Tiger Interpolation on 
the right side of the street could be a single way that covers the building. 
According to the Karlsruhe Schema, the search starts with addr:housenumber 
tags for nodes and buildings, then falls back to interpolation ways for 
anything not specifically labeled.   That would handle the case of the 
missing address block being assigned or not surveyed.   (Yes, it's ugly 
because there's an imaginary line)


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