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> Because it is likely to be useful to my local authority in a real world
> project, I am considering adding some tags to schools to classify them,
> something like this:
> operator=Somewhereshire County Council
> school:level=early|first|nursery|infant|junior|primary|prep|secondary|tertiary|special|referral
> school:status=independent|c_of_e_aided|c_of_e_voluntary_controlled|community|foundation|inter_church_aided|non_denominational
> |roman_catholic_aided
> I hope operator is largely uncontroversial as the operator tag is
> already widely used in other contexts, though I'm sure someone will find
> the need to argue about it.
> school:level is describing the kind of school: mostly corresponding to
> age group, but special, for example is about special needs students, and
> age groups overlap and are sometimes fluid, so it's a bit more than just
> age. These are terms used in the UK: I am sure there will be additional
> terms from many countries, some of which may overlap and some may not.
> (Incidentally, it is hard to tell pure age ranges from the notices
> outside schools and other non-copyright sources. Where age ranges are
> fixed and the info obtainable, no problem adding it, but I'm
> concentrating on what I can get from surveys here). The list above is
> what my local authority uses.

I think there has to be some reference to which local authority sets the
level. On this side of the pond, Nursery and Early are equivalent, for
example. In Canada education is a provincial responsibility, and in Ontario
there are local "boards" which are responsible for running schools. IIRC, in
the US Education is the state's responsibility, and I'm sure they have a
different meaning for "junior" then the one in the UK.
Maybe something like
to make it more precise? (I'm not sure if there are regional/local
differences which need more precision)

I'll also comment that while "c_of_e_aided" might mean something, mappers
outside of the UK shouldn't need a decoder ring to figure out this stuff. (I
try to avoid notations like DOT/MOT - DepartmentOfTransport or
MinistryOfTransport is clear and understood by non-locals).

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