[Tagging] kosher amenities

Edoardo 'Yossef' Marascalchi edoardo at edoardomarascalchi.it
Fri Oct 16 07:55:04 BST 2009

John Smith ha scritto:
> There is no kosher tag there.
there is now.. i just sent the mail before to add it .. :D

> I'd just tag the place as:
> kosher=yes
> hallal=yes
i don't know about hallal but there are many different kosher 
certifications. If you are ultra-orthodox you would'nt go to the "local 
rabbanut" certified restourants while you will probably search for 
"badatz" only.
kosher=yes is better then nothing but i would to be more granular.
Here in israel there are thousand of kosher shops and this distinction 
is "sensible". Maybe in the rest of the world the situation is less 
complicated, but as far as i know, in the USA at least the situation is 


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