[Tagging] The current problem with tagging

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Sun Oct 18 11:48:56 BST 2009

> From there if an API could be created for editors we could do things
> like mousing over a tag in JOSM/potlatch then throws up a page of text
> describing the tag.
> Any tags the are entered that aren't in the database could generate a
> prompt asking people to document it on the spot, alternatively we
> could have a suggestion engine by searching both tag names and in the
> descriptions and seeing if something similar already exists and they
> could choose to use that instead.

  I agree with this - someone else described a system of meta-tags for tags, 
integrated into the editors to make it easy to locate the tag you're 
thinking of by subject, possibly even in the local language.   The editors 
could even hide the 'official English tag' used internally by OSM.   Less 
common local items could be in a language other than English.


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