[Tagging] The current problem with tagging

Nop ekkehart at gmx.de
Sun Oct 18 19:22:46 BST 2009


Peteris Krisjanis schrieb:
>> The discussions over the last few months indicate a lot of people feel
>> there needs to be a more formal tag approval process.
> I think not a lot, but majority. Most of us want consistent map data,
> even that "another camp".


> However, I think there is nor problem nor conflict at all - simply
> people who cares for tagging works on that and outputs results like
> proposed and accepted features, etc. I think other mappers will use
> these tags sooner or later.

Introducing new tags and tagging schemes for new features is not the 
problem - that works fairly well.

The problem are those tags that are in widespread use, but are 
ambiguously defined. Where the same tag is used with different meanings 
by different schools of mappers, we have the real problem. If we'd 
introduce some advanced feature/tag finding system, we would still have 
to decide on a single definition for every tag offered there. Discussion 
has brought us nowhere, so someone needs to make a hard decision which 
interpretation to include in the lookup system and which to drop.


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