[Tagging] How do you map elements of an amenity_bus_station?

Michał Borsuk michal.borsuk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 13:40:13 BST 2010


I mostly deal with public transport, and I have an issue which I can't
find in wiki, so I hope to have answers from users of bigger experience
than mine.

For termini, as well as for larger transfer points it makes sense to use
amenity=bus_station in place of highway=bus_stop.

Now the problem is what the elements ("bus stops" in real life) of the
amenity should be? I see three choices in use:

* highway=bus_stop seems to be the users' choice, but on some maps,
namely Osm2Gps (Java offline map for telephones), there is a clutter of
names, one for the amenity, one for each stop

* highway=platform doesn't clutter, but then the actual location doesn't
show up on mapnik

* highway=bus_stop, but without a name, just platform code. Seems the
most sensible solution, but is it compatible with what others are doing?



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