[Tagging] Half-side turning circle?

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Wed Aug 11 00:51:24 BST 2010

>> I would run a way to the center of the radius, add the turning circle, 
>> and
>> give it the same tags as the street.   Although that segment is very 
>> short,
>> it reflects the street layout.
> That doesn't reflect the street layout unless there really is a
> separate physical segment of street. I'd just place a turning_circle
> node; even turning circles at the ends of streets are sometimes to one
> side.

  I always place the turning_circle at the center of the turning radius, 
which for this case is not the center of the street.   Therefore the 
separate segment to extend the center of the turning circle.   Either markup 
will work for 99% of today's known map data consumers.

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