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I'm want to do an import of the trail system in various National Forests in New Mexico, starting with the Lincoln National Forest. One thing in the Forest Service shapefiles I want to make part of the import is trail numbering.

However, I haven't found much information on how this is done for National Forests in the USA. The wiki page (see below) mentions route_no= and trail_no=, but there's no other mention of these in the wiki, nor am I able to find them actually used in the USA.

Going through the list of forests for which trails are imported:


I found the Access Trial in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest National Forest (northern Georgia):


it's tagged with:

 * attribution: USFS
 * bicycle: no
 * foot: yes
 * highway: path
 * horse: no
 * motorcar: yes
 * motorcycle: yes
 * name: Access Trail
 * ref: FS Trail 93A
 * source: USFS_import_v0.2_20090219110826
 * USFS:systemname: Beasley Knob
 * USFS:way_id: 34

I've not seen trail numbering done outside of Georgia. One thing I'm worried about is whether forest trail numbering is unique (i.e. 93A). For example, a trail in Lincoln National Forest (several thousand miles away from Georgia) is numbered "44".

Do others have thoughts on this?

My plans for tagging are:

 * name: "Trail N" for numbered trails without common names. My shapefiles don't have common names, i.e. Access Trail or Crest Trail, so I'll have to copy these from other FS maps.
 * ref: "N". This is different than the Georgia import… a decision I'm making in the interest of elegance/simplicity. If trail numbers are not unique, then there's no point having "FS Trail" there.

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