[Tagging] Tagging for streets with sharrows?

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 06:01:09 BST 2010

>He wasn’t saying that bicycle=designated is always a sharrow, but that a
>sharrow is effectively the same thing as a sign saying “bike route”.
>They’re both ways of marking something as a designated route for bicycles.

I don't agree with this. A single isolated road could have a sharrow,
but wouldn't be part of a "route".

> Now, Steve (and Mike), what's wrong (if anything) with
> bicycle=designated; sharrow=yes?

It doesn't really fit with my understanding of "bicycle=designated". I
understand that tag as meaning "yes, bicycles are definitely permitted
here, and there is signage or legislation to prove it". With very few
exceptions, bicycles are allowed on all roads, so any
"highway=tertiary, bicycle=designated" seems a misfit. You also open
up the question, shouldn't it be "bicycle=designated; cycleway=lane"
as well?

I think bicycle=designated only makes sense in questions of doubt:
highway=footway, highway=path, etc.

Whereas, cycleway=sharrow fits in very neatly:


Four different indications of cycling infrastructure on public roads:
Exclusive lane protected from cars, exclusive lane not protected,
non-exclusive lane, no lane at all.


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