[Tagging] Non Proposed Features

Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Mon Aug 16 21:30:14 BST 2010

Sry @all, was my mistake, what I tried to say is that I will improve the 
/proposed page (and only this one). So restyling, splitting text but 
nothing on the features itself, is this ok?

Yes you can read MLs in a forum or RSS like way, but mostly you have to 
be member of the mailinglist to participate. Indeed I believe that the 
mass doesn't listen to ML, forums, or anything else ;) But I doesn't 
want to talk about this communication channel thing to much....

Well please pay attention that the whole discussion doesn't get to 
emotional. Think about I'm new to this list and doesn't want to tell you 
how the things work...I just want to show you show you my suggestion and 
asking you for advice.
I participate like the most of us cause I try to improve OSM and not to 
hurt somebody ;)


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