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  On 8/16/10 3:33 PM, Emilie Laffray wrote:
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>     On 17 August 2010 05:15, Andreas Labres <list at lab.at
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>     >  Proposal:
>     > http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Dancing_school
>     I'm wondering if a sub-tag would be more useful, eg
>     amenity=school
>     school=dance
>     That way you could group other similar schools, like martial arts,
>     using school=* would also allow you to better tag existing schools, eg
>     primary/middle/secondary/tertiary
> I think it is a good way to do this. In france we are using 
> amenity=school and then using school:fr=lycee for example to give some 
> extra precision while keeping the rendering and the information 
> intact. It allows the international use too.
i like this too. in the US, we could then do this:


for a middle school, for example. places where schools are organized 
would just use the appropriate local terms. school=* might end up with a big
list of tags, but that's ok. examples:

school:us=high/middle/grade (tiers of US public schools)


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