[Tagging] Is cycleway:right=lane necessary on a one-way street?

Alan Mintz Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.Net
Tue Aug 17 22:13:57 BST 2010

At 2010-08-17 12:08, Nathan Edgars II wrote:
>I know that there are some bike lanes on the left side, but is there
>any real benefit to tagging cycleway:right=lane rather than
>cycleway=lane when you have a bike lane on the right side of a one-way

Assuming you meant to add "in a place where traffic keeps right", I would 
say no.

>How about on the right side of a dual carriageway?

Assuming you mean the right side of the right way of a dual carriageway in 
a place where traffic keeps right, I would again say no, as this is the 
same as the case above.

The way I understand it, cycleway=lane means bike lanes on both sides of a 
two-way road, or a bike lane on the right or left side of a one way road 
where traffic keeps right or left, respectively.

You need cycleway:right=lane on a two-way road where there is a cycleway 
only on the right side. You need cycleway:left=lane for a one-way road with 
a bike lane on the left in a place where traffic keeps right.

Prefix the value with opposite_ if bicycle traffic flows opposite to motor 
vehicle traffic.

Alan Mintz <Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.net>

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