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On Tuesday, August 17, 2010 08:55:48 pm, Alan Mintz wrote:
> As I said somewhere earlier, this seems to vary by region and forest. The 
> tagging I mentioned is used in all southern and central California 
> USFS-oversight forests and the ones I was able to quickly check just now in 
> northern CA.

Very wildly… for the areas I'm dealing with:


use numbers (i.e. 44), while another area a bit south:


use T plus the number (i.e. T5004). In the shapefiles I have, trails are referred to by number only for the entire forest.

AFAIK, the former trails are very old (30+ yrs?) while the latter trails are relatively new (10 yrs), if that matters.

Alan, do you have a reference for the FH/FR/FT designation so I can add this to the wiki? It's frequently mentioned on the Internet, but I've not found anything particularly authoritative looking.

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