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One distinction sometimes made in American English is between "shop" (meaning a retail business) and "storefront" (the location in which such a business is typically located, particularly if it is within a larger building).  For example, if a professional office is located among a group of stores in a shared building, it is referred to as a storefront office.

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2010/8/19 Craig Wallace <craigw84 at fastmail.fm>:
>> IMHO a shop is a shop because it is officially commercial space (and
>> not residential), it has a separate entrance (usually from the
>> street), it has appropriate windows, etc. Of course there might be
>> exceptions, but I think you get it.
> I disagree. A shop is by definition a place selling products or services.
> And if its empty its not doing that.
> Yes, it might still be commercial space, so within an area of landuse=retail
> or whatever, but its not a shop.

IMHO it is a shop, but maybe this is language dependant. Would you
apply the same criteria to an appartment, i.e. an appartment where
noboby lives is not an appartment?

>>> ie use a separate namespace, so tag it something like disused:shop=yes
>>> Then it can be easily ignored by applications that just want to show
>>> currently existing shops, or rendered differently etc.
>> that's a good idea as well, and very versatile.
> Yes, plus it would allow tagging other disused things. eg disused:amenity=
> for things like cafes, pubs, postboxes, phoneboxes etc, which I think would
> be useful.
> Or you could tag what sort of disused shop it is (or was). eg
> disused:shop=supermarket or whatever.



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