[Tagging] Tagging individual properties?

Tyler Gunn tyler at egunn.com
Thu Aug 19 14:09:32 BST 2010

I'm curious, what would be the best way to tag the boundaries of
individual properties?  Or SHOULD I even attempt this?
The Cadestral data for Manitoba is available from the Manitoba Lands
Initiative under a free for use license, so I was thinking of incorporating
this data.

I've converted a bit of the data, opting to merge all the lots into larger
blocks to indicate the landuse of residential, park, etc.  It's kinda nice
because it also gives you a guide for aligning the roads; they should
typically be in between the landuse areas. 

I think it looks pretty decent with the houses I added in from Yahoo:

However, in areas where there is no satellite imagery available to put in
the houses, I feel that NOT identifying the boundaries of each lot really
gives up on what could be valuable information; knowing the boundaries of
each lot would be a great navigational aid.

I tried just importing the data straight in where each lot was it's own
multipolygon (lots of shared boundaries) with landuse=residential.  However
when rendered in Mapnik and osmarenderer, it just came out as a solid
colored area with no indication where the lots are.  Perhaps I would need
to mark the ways some how?  Just trying to think how to get the data to
show up.  If it doesn't show up then my current approach of just marking
the landuse using this data is sufficient.  



Tyler Gunn
tyler at egunn.com

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