[Tagging] [OSM-talk] collection/street relation: which one to use?

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Thu Aug 19 15:16:59 BST 2010

  On 8/19/10 10:10 AM, Anthony wrote:
>> And even if you add the add:street, nothing says in which town.
> Do you know of any houses which are in a different town from the
> street in their street address?
in the case of the US, postal addresses are tied to post offices, not
to towns. a short distance away from me, there are addresses
physically in the Town of East Greenbush, but with West Sand
Lake postal addresses because that's the post office doing the
delivery to the area.

likewise, there are cases where the borders between municipalities
run down road centerlines, the housenumbers on one side are
not necessarily coordinated with the housenumbers on the other
side.  they might even be getting deliveries from different post
offices, and so would have different city and postcode values from
one side to the other. the value for addr:street would be the only
thing that's actually shared (well, that and state.)


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