[Tagging] craft= Proposal

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Tue Aug 24 09:36:58 BST 2010

Am 24.08.2010 10:27, schrieb Tom Chance:

> You are of course welcome to begin the proposal process, follow these
> instructions here:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Creating_a_proposal
Okay, I'll do so.

> You will need to create this as a proper proposal page, invite some more
> discussion and then take it to a vote. If successful, you can then move
> it into the map features page.
It is common to post this proposal to this list and not to talk@ and 
such, right?

> I have added some comments on the discussion page, I think it needs more
> work before going to a vote.
I don't really like discussion on the wiki, so I'll quote and answer here

 > == When is a craft a trade? ==
 > The above suggestion relating to bicycle shops, most of which offer
 > both new bikes and repair services, illustrates that it isn't always
 > easy to say when to use craft or shop. A lot of the values you have
 > given overlap with shop values, for example a bakery, butcher,
 > computer shop, gardening, hairdresser, optician and shoes. If this
 > proposal is to work I think you need to take a lot of those values
 > out and more clearly (1) why and (2) how you make this distinction.
 > TomChance 09:25, 24 August 2010 (BST)

A lot of the values have not been added by me and I see this problem, 
too, but did you read the distinction on the proposal page? It goes like

A place producing or processing customised goods. To differentiate 
between trade, service and craft. This proposal wants to reserve shop=* 
for trade (focused on selling pre produced goods) and creates craft=* 
for small production on demand and by order. Unlike man_made=works the 
goods are often customized to the customers' needs and specially 
produced for them.

So, the bike shop is not producing bikes, so it's shop=bicycle with eg. 
service=repair. but service=* is yet another proposal..


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