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Most examples of an establishment having a kitchen, but no provision for customers to eat on the premises, would fall under the fast-food category, but not all.  For example, there is a small Chinese restaurant in the central business district of Nashville, known for preparing just one or two dishes each day, usually something unfamiliar to Westerners.  The clientele are office workers, who have to take the food back to their offices because the restaurant is a single small room without any customer seating or tables.

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>> "Food delivery" and "meals on wheels" both imply that the food is brought to the customers.  I am talking about an establishment in a fixed location, having a kitchen but little or no provision for customers to eat on the premises.  The customers are expected to take the food with them and consume it elsewhere.  A fast-food establishment with a drive-in window, but no dining space, would be one example; another would be what is sometimes termed a "cook-shop", a small restaurant operating out of a storefront location, dealing with walk-up customers, but without space for a table for customers to use.
> the will IMHO generally not be restaurants but fast_food.

maybe with extra takeaway=yes and drivein=yes :)


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